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Adapt-IT was formed in 2003 with the idea of providing first-class I.T. support and management services to fit within every budget. Our business has grown steadily, almost entirely through referrals and word-of-mouth, and has seen the company gradually expand to a team of 20 engineers, as well as move into new premises in Blackrock to support the growth.

Why Choose Us

We have a dedicated helpdesk consisting of 8 inhouse engineers where calls can be logged and monitored and we also offer 24/7 advanced server and monitoring software which means that any outages or problems are immediately reported – the faster the report, the less downtime experienced. Most of all, we enjoy working with our clients, getting to know how they work and what works best, and building long-term, successful and personable relationships.

I.T. support companies are judged on reaction times and resolutions. We are very good at this, resolving 85% of issues within the hour. However, we also adopt a very proactive approach to support. Our aim wherever possible is to stop problems before they happen, and we use the latest technology to ensure that the organisations we look after experience the lowest levels of downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to switch all of my I.T. support to Adapt-IT what would you do?2019-01-24T10:26:09+00:00

We have a tried and tested transition methodology that minimises any risks related to changing service provider. We believe that investing time up-front in auditing and analysing, reviewing any current issues and carrying out any immediate remedial work will leave our customers with better performance and greater reliability in the short term.

Do you provide hardware & software?2019-01-24T10:25:24+00:00

Adapt-IT can provide hardware and software as part of any solution. We are not tied to any specific vendors so we offer the best solution and the best price at the time of delivery. Alternatively you can buy your own hardware and software if preferred. Adapt-IT can help you decide what options suit your business best.

How do I know that I need a new system?2018-12-11T16:14:32+00:00

Most users will purchase a new system when their current system is too old to upgrade or they don’t want to spend more money on their current computer. The best reason to purchase a new system is because your current system is inadequate for your needs because it won’t run the software you need it to run.

Is it cheaper to upgrade my existing system or buy a new one?2018-12-11T16:14:04+00:00

It is usually almost always cheaper to upgrade and existing system instead of purchasing a new one. However, sometimes it may not be cost effective to upgrade because the computer you are upgrading is too old.

Do you support products that weren’t purchased from you?2018-12-11T16:13:35+00:00

Yes. We support products that were purchased from other manufacturers or businesses.

Why would I need a support contract if I have a warranty on the product ?2018-12-11T16:13:15+00:00

Whilst most warranties will warrant a repair of the product, they don’t allow for any downtime of your hardware and if this affects your business, then you need to be sure that you have the necessary support mechanisms in place to maintain business continuity.

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