Cloud Solutions

Sharepoint is a web based platform designed for collaboration, document management and data sharing. Your documents are in the cloud so they can be accessed anytime, anywhere in a secure manner. You no longer need to rely on physical servers inhouse to store your documents. Your data is always available on demand.

Cloud Based Solutions have now become a great complementary option to your network solutions. Vital applications such as financial applications, ERP applications and CRM applications are already hosted online. The main advantage to this is reliability, ease of use and a peace of mind.

Email Systems

Now fully functional email applications are also hosted online that give you all the benefits that a traditional server based Exchange Server provided.  If you are currently using a traditional Exchange Server or you have a simple POP3 email setup, you can migrate over to one of these hosted email system and take advantage of full featured, economical systems. Moving your email system to the cloud is easy with our help.